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SureKap builds high-quality automatic liquid-filling machines that accommodate a wide variety of free-flowing liquid products. The characteristics of your products will determine which filler will be suitable for your application. Our current offerings include gravity fillers, pressure overflow fillers, and volumetric fillers. Our fillers are used across a range of industries including bottled water, household products, industrial products, automotive products, and cleaners.

With minimal or no change parts our fillers provide accurate and repeatable results while offering long-term reliability and performance.

Having different base filling systems to select from, you’ll find that SureKap can build the right liquid filler to meet your needs. 




The SureKap piston-filling machine is used for multiple applications. The model is extremely versatile and fills many free-flowing liquid products.
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SureKap’s semi-automatic, gravity liquid filler features four stainless steel filling heads and has a ten-head capacity. The frame is heavy-duty, portable, and designed for durability. No change parts drastically reduce the need for maintenance while increasing productivity and flexibility.
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Based on a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, our automatic level-filling machine utilizes the latest technology to consistently fill to a consistent level every time. You’ll find it’s another SureKap model built for maximum efficiency and versatility.
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Designed for multiple applications and high speed, our SKF6000 is a fully automatic, volumetric liquid filler with a mounted PLC keypad for quick and easy adjustments and includes casters on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.
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Why Do We Need To Consider the Differences in Viscosity

Finding the qualities of your product, which largely depend on the type of product it is, is the first step in finding a liquid filling machine that meets your requirements. Any substance, for instance, could have a viscosity that is higher than toothpaste or as low as water. This will help you decide on equipment fixes. The type of metering system you use, your fill rate, and a few other factors in the production equation are all impacted by the viscosity of the product. A crucial stage of the procedure is determining the viscosity of the product.

How Many Bottles Can I Fill Every Production Shift?

A single handheld, semi-automatic device, a middle-of-the-road, full-line automatic solution, or an automated rotary system are the finest solutions. Product viscosity, bottle type, and fill volume all have an impact on fill rate. 


SureKap offers the finest value for your money if you are searching for a dependable liquid filling machine for sale. Due to our volume and in-house machine shop, our filling machines are significantly better, more aesthetically pleasing, and also reasonably priced. You may rely on your liquid filling machine working for many years because we heavily use only the best materials for all of our products. On top of this, we employ a tried-and-true design by regularly repairing and resolving minor problems with our gadgets. 


SureKap, LLC is prepared to provide you with only the best liquid filling machine available in the market to meet all of your business’ needs. Reach out to us today and get a free quote!

What Are the Bottle Types for Filling Equipment?

Finding the best filling equipment solutions also requires knowing what kind of bottle you are filling. These are only a few of the bottle-related considerations that can have an impact on the creation and design of your liquid filling machine system, such as whether you are filling glass or plastic, round or square, tall or short, small or wide holes, stable or unstable bottles.

Why Is it Important to Know the Fill Volume?

Finding the precise fill volume of a product is important for determining its fill rate, product viscosity, and metering systems. Depending on the industry, fill accuracy requirements can vary, so it is important to have a firm understanding of the required fill quantities and industry requirements to meet industry standards.
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