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As a leading source of high-quality packaging equipment, SureKap’s aim is to help you achieve your manufacturing goals. Our line of high-quality inline cappers, tighteners, retorquers, conveyors, and turntables can help your business move to the next level. Whether you’re a startup business or an established one we can assist you with your packaging equipment needs. When you think of a quality packaging equipment supplier, think of one word – SureKap!  Call (770) 307-4755  today for a free consultation! 


Packaging equipment is an important investment for any company, and it must be dependable, long-lasting, and economical. As a top-rated supplier of automatic inline cappers and other packaging equipment, SureKap provides high quality products that support our client’s growth and success. Our dedication to service and support for the life of the equipment also ensures that our customers can reap the myriad benefits of our inline cappers for decades.



SureKap manufactures a range of inline cappers and tighteners for low speeds up to about 200 bottles per minute depending on cap and container size. Our heavy-duty capping equipment meets the requirements of most cap types, shapes, and sizes. From the compact and durable table-top capper SK-CT90 to the semi-automatic SK600 tightener, to the fully automatic, high-speed TSK8000-BF6, our capping machines set the standard in accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.
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SureKap turntables are made of premium stainless steel and offer variable speed drives, reversible rotation, and height-adjustable features to make your system run as efficiently as possible. These turntables make it simple to load and unload bottles onto conveyors.
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Conveyors made by SureKap are fabricated from sturdy stainless steel. They come in lengths ranging from 5′ to 30′ and widths of 4.5″, 7.5″, or 10″.

Each conveyor features an adjustable height, a low friction acetal belt, and a variable speed drive.
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To increase the value of your high-quality packaging line, SureKap offers unique tools. These are provided to support your quality control efforts. You can cap with confidence thanks to the KC15 Digital Torque Monitor since it keeps track of the application torque levels for each bottle. The Cap Inspection Station looks for missing or cocked caps on bottles and discards them.
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SureKap is partnering with Volumetric Technologies, an industry leading manufacturer of liquid filling systems, to ensure that all of your liquid filler machine needs will be met. Click here or contact us today to learn more.
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To complement our main product lines, we also offer customizable solutions including snap cappers, bottomless conveyors, and trigger sprayer guides. 

We also maintain significant spare parts inventory to facilitate rapid replacement parts shipments and keep your machine uptime high. 


SureKap is a trusted packaging equipment company that takes pride in forging enduring connections with its clients. That is precisely why we make a big effort to stand out from our competitors in whatever way we can. These connections are cultivated over time and based on trust. If we were to choose one characteristic that sets us apart above all others, “high integrity” would be what we would want to be recognized for. In addition to going above and beyond to earn your entire satisfaction, we also ensure that you can completely rely on what we say. We are aware that is the proper way to do business and garner referrals and customer loyalty. 


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